Gigs 2019

13th March: Kings Place, London, w/ Entropi

21st March: Ceramic Art London (Private Viewing), Central Saint Martin’s, solo performance

23rd March: Bristol Jazz Festival, Winston Theatre, Bristol w/ Atlas featuring John O’ Gallagher and Sara Coleman

23rd March: Bristol Jazz Festival, Bristol w/ Andy Nowak Trio

13th April: Poplar Union, London w/ Khiyo

16th April: Norwich Jazz Club, w/ Andy Nowak Trio

18th April: Nottingham Jazz House, Nottingham w/ Entropi

11th May: Poplar Union, London w/ Najma Akhtar Five Rivers Project

24th May: Woodstock Jazz w/ Kevin Fitzsimmons, Leon Greening, Paul Jefferies

27th May: Jazz In The Round, Cockpit Theatre, London w/ Entropi

9th June: Amser Jazz Festival, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff w/ Atlas

3rd July: The Junction, London w/ David Dower Trio

8th – 13th July: Bulgaria Tour w/ David Dower Trio

31st August: Deva Jazz Festival, Romania w/ Andy Nowak Trio

Past Gigs…


26th February: The Spotted Dog, Birmingham w/ Atlas featuring Sara Coleman


31st January: The Junction, London w/ Luke Fowler Trio

1st February: Cafe Posk, London w/ Andy Nowak Trio

10th February: Clare Jazz, Cambridge w/ Entropi

22nd February: The Cellar Bar, London w/ Entropi

24th February: St John’s Smith Square, The Muffat Festival w/ The Brook Street Band

25th March: Hen and Chicken, Bristol w/ Andy Nowak Trio

29th March: Jazz Stroud w/ Andy Nowak Trio

8th April: Gateshead Jazz Festival w/ Atlas

10th April: Jazz Cafe, Cardiff w/ Andy Nowak Trio

19th April: Span Jazz, Narbeth w/ Andy Nowak Trio

2nd May: Swing Unlimited, Bournemouth  w/ Andy Nowak Trio

6th May: Milestones, Lowestoft w/ Andy Nowak Trio

11th May: Bebop Club, Bristol w/ Andy Nowak Trio

17th May: Poplar Union, London w/ Entropi

18th May: Bridport Arts Jazz Cafe, Bridport w/ Andy Nowak Trio

21st May: North Devon Jazz Club, Devon w/ Andy Nowak Trio

23rd May: Speakeasy, Torquay w/ Andy Nowak Trio

24th May: Ram Jam, Kingston w/ Andy Nowak Trio

1st June: Jazz Cafe, Newcastle w/ Andy Nowak Trio

2nd June: Zeffirelli’s, Ambleside w/ Andy Nowak Trio

4th June: Kenilworth Jazz Club w/ Andy Nowak Trio

14th June: Jazz @ Future Inn, Bristol w/ Andy Nowak Trio

28th July: Tea House, Sofia, Bulgaria w/ David Dower Trio

29th July: Sofia Jazz Club, Sofia, Bulgaria w/ David Dower Trio

31st July: Kontrabass, Plovdiv, Bulgaria w/ David Dower Trio

4th-12th August: Bansko International Jazz Festival, Bulgaria w/ David Dower Trio

5th August: Arts Jazz Club Mishel, Sozopol, Bulgaria w/ David Dower Trio

4th October: Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival, Brighton w/ Entropi

5th October: Vortex Jazz Club (Late Show: Match and Fuse) w/ Entropi

13th October: Marsden Jazz Festival, Marsden w/ Entropi


26th August: Walthamstow Folk Festival, London w/ Khiyo

6th September: The Junction, London

16th September: Resonance FM Live Set w/ Entropi

17th September: Lancaster Jazz Festival w/ Atlas

21st September: Bitches Brew, Glasgow w/ Entropi

22nd September: Symphony Hall Foyer, Birmingham w/ Entropi (***Moment Frozen Album Tour***)

27th September: Jazz At The Lescar, Sheffield w/ Entropi (***Moment Frozen Album Tour***)

29th September: Kings Place, London w/ Entropi (***Moment Frozen Album Launch***)

1st October: Solo performance and collaboration w/ Krosswindz, Hampshire Puja and Cultural Association Autumn Festival, The Hilt, Eastleigh

6th October: Bebop Club, Bristol w/ Entropi (***Moment Frozen Album Tour***)

20th October: Derby Jazz w/Entropi (***Moment Frozen Album Tour***)

23rd October: Wonder Inn, Manchester w/Entropi (***Moment Frozen Album Tour***)

4th November: The Sound Room, Columbo, Sri Lanka w/ Roberto Blanco Trio

15th November: Pizza Express Jazz Club, London w/Entropi (EFG London Jazz Festival)

22nd November: Cambridge Jazz Festival,  w/Entropi